(a)   Blocks shall be designed to accommodate lots of the size required for the district as set forth in the zoning code and to provide for convenient access, circulation, and safety of traffic on the bounding streets. The lines and boundaries of blocks shall be adjusted to conform to the topography and natural features such as streams and lakes, and so that rear or side lot lines will coincide with corporation lines.
   When a parcel is too small to be laid out economically for the use intended and would result in factional or odd-shaped lots or otherwise not conform to the planning principles, the Commission may request the developer to include adjoining unsubdivided land so a complete block may be planned and developed as a unit.
   (b)   Block Lengths, one-family subdivision, shall be planned to average one thousand five hundred (1,500) feet, and shall not exceed one thousand eight hundred (1,800) feet, or be less than eight hundred (800) feet unless approved by the Commission.
   (c)   Block Widths, one-family subdivision, shall be planned to accommodate two tiers of lots; except a single tier of lots may be required by the Commission to separate residential development from major streets, adjoining non-residential land uses, unusual topographic or natural features. A planting screen of at least ten (10) feet width, with no right of access, may be required along the line of lots abutting such a major street or non-residential land uses.
   (d)   Blocks for Multi-Family, Business or Industrial Subdivisions shall be adequate to accommodate the building sites and provide the yards, service drives, off-street parking and other required facilities, and shall be designed for unit development and not according to the typical lot and street pattern.
   (e)   Pedestrian Ways of not less than twenty-five (25) feet right-of-way and in a straight line, may be required across excessively long blocks or at the end of cul-de-sac streets for access to schools, playgrounds, or bus stops, or to other public facilities where convenient pedestrian circulation has not been provided by streets.