1163.01 INTENT.
   The planning principles set forth in this chapter are fundamental principles and standards to be applied with professional skill in the planning of land so as to produce functional, attractive, distinctive, convenient and economical subdivisions.
   The term "shall" is to be interpreted as mandatory and shall be complied with; however, in this chapter the Commission may determine a particular principle shall not apply to a particular subdivision. Furthermore, if two or more principles are directly applicable to a feature in a particular subdivision, and each principle cannot be incorporated in the plan, the more restrictive principle or principles shall apply unless waived by the Commission.
   The word "may" is to be interpreted as directory and shall be complied with if found applicable and unless waived by the Commission.
   If a comprehensive plan, thoroughfare plan, or plan for the parks and other open public grounds has or have been adopted by the Planning Commission or Council, the streets, school sites, public parks and all other land uses shown thereon shall be incorporated in the subdivision plans.