(a)   Statement of Intent. The intent of this section is to control industrial uses in Conneaut to ensure that all industries will provide methods to protect the community from hazards and nuisances which can be prevented by processes of control and nuisance elimination while at the same time protecting industries from arbitrary exclusion or persecution. No land or structure in any district shall be used or occupied in any manner so as to create any dangerous, injurious, noxious, or otherwise objectionable fire, explosive, or other hazard; noise or vibration, smoke, dust, odor, or other form of pollution in such a manner or in such amount as to adversely affect the adjoining premises or surrounding area.
   (b)   Environmental Control. All existing and new sources of industry shall comply with regulations established by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency for the following five (5) areas; air, drinking water, solid and hazardous wastes, water, and general regulations, or pursuant to applicable state and local law.
   (c)   Building Standards. All industrial uses shall adhere to the State of Ohio Building Code.
   (d)   Fire Control and Prevention. All industrial uses shall adhere to City Fire Department regulations and State Fire Code regulations. All industrial uses shall provide the Conneaut Fire Chief with information concerning the use, storage and transport of all hazardous, detonable and combustible materials. Such information shall include the type of materials being used or stored, location of such materials and specific information concerning mitigative firefighting procedures.
   (e)   Liquid and Solid Wastes. Industrial uses shall not discharge at any point into any public sewer, private sewage disposal system, or stream, or into the ground, except in accordance with standards approved by the State Department of Health and/or the Environmental Protection Agency.