For the purpose of this Zoning Ordinance, the City of Conneaut is hereby divided into the following districts, each district being of such number, shape, kind and area and of such common unity of purpose that are considered most suitable in carrying out the purposes of this Zoning Ordinance.
A-1 Agricultural District
R-1 Suburban Residential District
R-2 Urban Residential District
R-3 Urban Residential District
R-4 Urban Residential District
R-5 Coastal Residential District
B-1 Highway Service Business District
B-2 Highway and Community Business District
B-3 General Business District
B-4 Coastal Business District
M-1 Industrial District
O-1 Open Space District
F-1 Flood Plain District
(Ord. 33-82. Passed 2-22-82; Ord. 219-92. Passed 1-25-93.)