(a)   The Planning Commission must act upon each proposed amendment prior to the consideration of same by Council. A request for amendment may arrive before the Commission in three (3) ways.
(1)   The adoption of a motion by the Planning Commission.
(2)   The adoption of a resolution by Council, and subsequent transfer to the Planning Commission.
(3)   The filing of an application by the property owner(s) or any other person having an interest in the premises affected.
   (b)   Applications. Applications for amendments to the Official Zoning Districts Map adopted as part of this Zoning Ordinance by Chapter 1109 shall contain at least the following information.
(1)    Name, address, and phone number of applicant.
(2)    Location of the property, and the present and proposed zoning district.
(3)    A vicinity map with a legal description based on a survey at a scale approved by the Zoning Inspector showing the property lines, streets, existing and proposed zoning and such other items as may be required.
(4)    Present and proposed uses.
(5)    Proposed amendment to the text, if applicable.
(6)    Plat layout drawn to scale, showing the actual shape and dimensions of the lot(s) or parcel(s) within two hundred (200) feet thereof and showing the building, uses and zoning classifications therefor, which shall be attached to each application.
(7)    The owners’ names and address of all properties within the petitioned rezoning site and within two hundred (200) feet of the rezoning site shall be furnished to the Planning Commission by the applicant(s).
(8)    A statement on how the proposed amendment relates to the Comprehensive Plan.
(9)    A fee as established by City Council, according Section 1137.13.
   Applications for amendments proposing to amend, supplement, change, or repeal portions of this Zoning Ordinance other than the Official Zoning Districts Map shall include items in subsections (b)(1), (5), (8), and (9) listed above.
   (c)   Planning Commission Meeting. When said request for amendment arrives before the Commission a public meeting may be held at the discretion of the Commission. The Commission shall give notice of the time, place, and purpose of the public meeting to be held by it on the proposed amendment or supplement. The intention of this section is to provide, so far as may be practical, due notice to the persons substantially interested in the proposed change that an application is pending before the Commission, proposing to make a change in the Official Zoning Districts Map or the regulations set forth in this Zoning Ordinance. When said request for amendment arrives before the Commission, such request shall be reviewed in relation to any planned major improvements to occur in the City. If it is determined that a major improvement is to occur within five (5) years the City has the right to disallow the granting of any amendments or permits (zoning, building, sign, etc.) within the impacted area.
   (d)    Submission to Ohio Director of Transportation. Before any zoning amendment is approved affecting any land within three hundred (300) feet of the centerline of a proposed new highway or high way for which changes are proposed as described in the certification to local officials by the Ohio Director of Transportation, or within a radius of five hundred (500) feet from the point of intersection of said centerline with any public road or highway, the Commission shall give notice, by registered mail to the Director of Transportation. The Commission may proceed as required by law, however, the City Council shall not approve the amendment for one hundred twenty (120) days from the date the notice is received by the Director of Transportation. If the Director of Transportation notifies the City that he shall proceed to acquire the land needed, then the City shall refuse to approve the rezoning. If the Director of Transportation notifies the City that acquisition at this time is not in the public interest or upon the expiration of the one hundred twenty (120) day period or any extension thereof agreed upon by the Director of Transportation and the property owner, the City shall proceed as required by law.
   (e)   Recommendation by Planning Commission. Within sixty (60) days from the receipt of the proposed amendment, the Commission shall transmit its recommendation to City Council.
(Ord. 33-82. Passed 2-22-82.)