(a)   No person shall uncover, connect, alter, plug, disconnect or otherwise disturb a public or private sanitary sewer line or lateral. without first obtaining a site-specific sewer permit from the City Manager or his designee.
   (b)   An application for a sewer permit shall be site specific and shall be accompanied by a fee of $100.00 and shall include the following information and attachments:
      (1)   The name, address, phone number and email of the person or entity performing the work.
      (2)   Documentation that the person performing the work is licensed under the State of Ohio to install, maintain or repair sewer lines or laterals.    
      (3)   The federal ID number or Social Security number of the person or entity seeking the permit.
      (4)   A copy of the insurance liability coverage for the person or entity performing the work in an amount equal to at least $500,000.00, and proof of a valid Ohio Workers' Compensation certificate.
   (c)   Upon satisfactory completion of the application, and payment of the fee, the City Manager or his designee shall issue the permit for a specific job site which shall expire ninety (90) days after issuance. If the work is not completed within such time period, the permit holder cannot continue working at that jobsite until a new application is approved. Each additional job site shall require an additional permit.
   (d)   Upon completion of any work, and prior to the work being covered, the contractor performing the work shall obtain the written approval from a City inspector that the completion of the work fully complies with City, County and State requirements. The contractor shall schedule an inspection with at least 24 hours-notice except in cases of emergency.
   (e)    Upon determining that any contractor violated any provision of state law, county or local ordinance, the City Manager or his designee may revoke the sewer permit.
(Ord. 19-17. Passed 5-8-17.)