(a)    In addition to the deposit or bond requirement of this Chapter, every applicant shall, as a condition of any permit being issued pursuant to this chapter, maintain contractor's comprehensive general and automobile liability insurance, or its equivalent, extended (or by means of a separate policy) to include liability for damage caused by explosion, collapse, underground work, independent contractors, products and completed operations, together with owner's protective liability, with not less than the following policy limits:
      (1)    The policy or policies or insurance required by this section shall have a policy limit for bodily injury and property damage for not less than one million dollars ($1,000,000) for each occurrence.
      (2)    Such policy or policies of insurance shall name the City as an additional insured for all work performed within the City limits.
      (3)    Such policy or policies of insurance shall contain the following special provision:
   The company agrees that ten (10) days prior to cancellation, material alteration or reduction of the insurance afforded by this policy with respect to the permit involved, written notice shall be sent by certified mail to the City of Conneaut.
   (b)    All insurance herein specified shall be with a company authorized to do business in the State and acceptable to the City Manager, or his designee.
(Ord. 83-16. Passed 9-12-16.)