When demanded by a passenger, the operator-driver in charge of a taxicab shall deliver to the passenger at the time the fare is paid a receipt in writing signed by the operator or driver and containing the names of the taxicab owner, the driver, the taxicab license number, the items for which the charge was made, the total amount paid, and the date of payment.
   Every operator or driver of a taxicab shall have the right to demand payment of regular fares in advance and may refuse employment unless so prepaid, but no operator or driver shall otherwise refuse or neglect to accept any person or persons upon request for transportation unless the taxicab shall have been previously engaged or is unable to make such trip for just cause.
   All operators shall maintain day and night telephone service and shall provide to the public twenty-four (24) hour taxicab service.
(Ord. 116-68. Passed 10-14-68.)