Every taxicab licensed under this chapter shall be subject to inspection any time upon request of a majority of the Taxicab Board members.
   In lieu of the above, every taxicab must be inspected at least once a month by the City. The foreman in charge at the City Garage will certify to the inspection. Each taxicab must be inspected before the tenth (10th) of each and every month.
   A minimum rate of two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50) must be paid to the Secretary of the Board before the City will inspect each taxicab. If desired, the owner of each taxicab may pay an annual inspection fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per taxicab, paid annually in advance of the first working day of each and every year that the taxicab or taxicabs will operate. Should a taxicab cease to operate during any year in which an annual fee has been paid in advance, there will be no prorated refund.
   If a taxicab is found to have a defect of a minor nature, the owner will have forty-eight (48) hours in which to have repairs made, at which time upon proof of same, the Secretary of the Board will issue a complete inspection form for the month that the inspection was made. If repair is not made within forty-eight (48) hours, it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Taxicab Board to revoke immediately the operator’s certificate. In the event a major defect is found in the routine inspection, the owner of the taxicab must have necessary repairs made immediately before the taxicab will be permitted to operate.
(Ord. 116-68. Passed 10-14-68.)