(a)   If taximeters shall be the method used to determine rate, it shall be unlawful for any operator or driver to transport persons by taxicab in and over the streets of the City until and unless there is affixed to such taxicab, and is operating therein, a taximeter; if any such taximeter breaks down or upon examination, inspection and test appears not to register and indicate properly and correctly the distance traveled, the time consumed, and the amount of fare determined and charged for same, it shall then be unlawful for any operator to use or permit the use of the taxicab in which such defective taximeter is installed. Every taximeter shall be so connected or affixed to the taxicab that the amount of fare determined or charged may be plainly visible from the inside of the vehicle to all passengers, and the same shall be properly lighted so that such passengers may read the figures indicated thereon from the inside of the taxicab.
   (b)   All operators and drivers operating taxicabs within the City shall transport their passengers by the most direct and safe route from point of embarkation to the point of discharge.
   (c)   It shall be unlawful for any person, operator or driver to, directly or indirectly, in any manner whatsoever, manipulate, change, or attempt to manipulate, or change any taximeter in such manner as to cause it to measure or indicate incorrectly or in excess of the maximum rates of fare established herein.
(Ord. 116-68. Passed 10-14-68.)