Each driver or chauffeur of a taxicab shall obtain from the Secretary of the Board a chauffeur’s or driver’s license and shall pay a license fee of one dollar ($1.00) therefor for each year, or part of a year, and the same shall be collected by the Secretary of the Board at the time such license, on the form prescribed by the Board is issued, providing that no person shall be licensed as a taxicab driver or chauffeur unless such person shall:
   (a)   Be 19 years of age.
   (b)   Be of sound physique and have no bodily or mental infirmity which would render him unfit for the safe operation of a vehicle to the satisfaction of the Board.
   (c)   Exhibit to the Secretary of the Board a chauffeur’s license duly issued under the Driver’s License Law of Ohio which is not under suspension or revocation.
   (d)   Be clean in dress and person and not addicted to the use of intoxicating liquors or drugs.
   (e)   Be thoroughly familiar with all of the provisions of this chapter.
      (Ord. 116-68. Passed 10-14-68.)