(a)    A licensee under this chapter shall enjoy the rights and comply with all duties imposed by this chapter. All licensees and participants shall comply with all laws of the City and State of Ohio and shall not create any dangerous condition or other condition which threatens the health, safety and welfare of the community or those attending the event.
   (b)    No vendor, peddler or transient merchant shall sell or display wares within the event area unless said vendor, peddler or transient merchant first obtained a special permit from the event sponsor at a rate established by the event sponsor. Each permit shall recognize the right of the City to remove any participant from the event area for violation of this chapter or the laws of the City or State of Ohio, or for creating a risk or condition dangerous or inimical to the public interest. Such permit shall be on display in the area assigned each participant.
   (c)    Activities within the event area. The event sponsor shall have the right to control the access and regulate all vendors, peddlers and transient merchants within the event area. Such regulations shall include hours of operation and means of display and advertisement so as to keep such activities within the theme of the event.   
(Ord. 56-16. Passed 6-27-16.)