(a)   List of Participants. No vendor, peddler or transient merchant shall sell or display wares, games or food within the event district unless said vendor, peddler or transient merchant is contained in the list of participants filed with and approved by the City.
   (b)    License Issued. No license shall be issued and no streets closed unless the applicant has filed all of the required documents with the City Manager. Unless otherwise provided, all lists and required documents must be filed with the City Manager not less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the approved street closure or event starting time, whichever is earlier.
   (c)    Contents of License. Each event license shall state the following information:
      (1)    Identification of the event sponsor and representative, including address and phone number;
      (2)    The starting time for the event;
      (3)    The date and time set for street closure and the streets to be closed;
      (4)    The event location;
      (5)    The date and time the event shall conclude;
      (6)    The date and time streets closed shall re-open for vehicular traffic.
      (7)    The names of each participant.
   (d)    Possession of License. The event applicant or his or her designee shall carry the license at all times during the event. A representative of the event shall be available at all times during the event to address any question of public health, safety and welfare raised by the City Manager, Chief of Police or Fire Chief. A copy of the license and a list of all approved participants shall be distributed to the Chief of Police.
(Ord. 56-16. Passed 6-27-16.)