(a)    Issuance Conditions. The City Manager shall issue a license as provided for hereunder when, after a review of the application and receipt of recommendations from the Chiefs of Police and Fire and from such other information as may otherwise be obtained, he finds that:
      (1)    The conduct of the event will not substantially interfere with the safe and orderly movement of traffic in and around the event district;
      (2)    The conduct of the event will not require the diversion of so great a number of police and/or City personnel as to prevent normal City services to the public;
      (3)    The concentration of persons, exhibits and vehicles in the event district will not disrupt fire and police protection of the area, nor present a danger to the participants of the event;
      (4)    The conduct of the event is not reasonably likely to cause injury to persons or property, to provoke disorderly conduct or create a disruption which would significantly disrupt those property owners within the event district;
      (5)    All provisions of this chapter have been complied with by the event sponsor.
   (b)    Request for Street Closure. Prior to issuing a license under subsection (a) hereof, the City Manager shall present the application and any requested street closure to Council for determination. No streets shall be closed pursuant to this chapter without a majority vote of Council obtained after consideration of the recommendation of the City Manager.
   (c)    Notice to Applicant. The City Manager shall act upon the application within twenty-one (21) days after the date upon which the application was filed. The applicant shall be notified by mail within five ( 5) business days after the action of the City Manager. Notice from the City Manager shall inform the applicant whether the permit was granted or denied. Where the permit is denied, the notice shall advise the applicant of the reasons for the City Manager's action.
   (d)    Alternative Permit. The City Manager in denying an application may offer the applicant an alternative permit which complies with the terms and conditions of this chapter. All applicants wishing to accept the alternative permit must notify the City in writing within ten (10) days from the date of the notice.
   (e)    Appeals. Any person aggrieved shall have the right to appeal the denial of an event license to City Council. The appeal shall be in writing and filed with the City Manager and Clerk of Council within five ( 5) days after notice of the action of the City Manager is received. City Council shall act upon the appeal at its next regular session after the appeal is received.
(Ord. 56-16. Passed 6-27-16.)