(a)   The Housing and Zoning Inspector shall issue an order to any owner of a salvage yard, which is not licensed pursuant to this chapter, to obtain a Salvage Yard Operator’s License.
   (b)   Every owner of a salvage yard who receives an order from the Housing and Zoning Inspector, pursuant to this section, and fails to obtain or is ineligible to obtain a Salvage Operator’s License shall, within 150 days of receiving the order, remove all salvage from his salvage yard. All ground within the former salvage yard shall be leveled so as to prevent water from collecting in such a manner as to afford a breeding place for mosquitoes.
   (c)   Grass or dust control shall be applied to leveled ground. Clean up cost to restore the property to a green state shall be the responsibility of the property owner and shall be completed within 300 days.
(Ord. 92-03. Passed 12-29-03.)