708.12 HEARINGS.
   (a)   Any person aggrieved by a notice or order, or the granting, denying, renewing or revoking of a license for a proposed or existing business activity authorized under this Chapter may request a hearing on the matter before the City Manager. Said request must be in writing and shall be delivered to the office of the City Manager no later than ten days after the issuance of the notice or order. The City Manager shall give notice of a public hearing to the person making the request and a hearing shall be held within twenty days of the date of the receipt of the request. The City Manager shall also give notice of the public hearing to the abutting property owners as well as to the licensee and/or other aggrieved party.
   (b)   At the public hearing of this matter, the City Manager and/or his designees shall determine whether the granting, denial, renewal or revocation of the license was in accordance with the provisions of this chapter and he/she shall issue written findings of fact, conclusions of law and an order to carry out the findings and conclusions. These finding and conclusions shall be filed with and served by the City Manager upon all parties appearing or represented at such hearing.
   (c)   The Law Director shall furnish such assistance and advice to the City Manager per his/her request.
   (d)   Whenever a license has been revoked under this Chapter, the City Manager shall not issue another license to such licensee or to the husband or wife of such licensee or any partnership or corporation which he is an officer or member until such licensee complies with the provisions hereof relative to same aggrieved party shall be given an opportunity to be heard and to show cause why any item appearing on such notice and order should be modified or withdrawn.
(Ord. 92-03. Passed 12-29-03.)