(a)   An applicant for a salvage yard operator’s license shall be supplied an application blank by the Housing and Zoning Office which shall be completed by the applicant and filed with the Housing and Zoning Office together with the required fee. The application shall be signed by the applicant, if an individual, by all partners, if a partnership, and by the president or chief officer, if a corporation or other organization. The application shall be sworn to by each of its signers before a notary public or other officer authorized by law to administer oaths.
   (b)   All salvage yard operator applications shall contain the following information:
      (1)   A.   The legal name and any trade names of applicant,
         B.   Whether the applicant is a sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, corporation, association, trust or other type entity,
         C.   The applicant’s business street address and mailing address,
         D.   The applicant’s City income tax identification number and the applicant’s social security number or federal employer identification number,
         E.   The applicant’s vendor license number and issue date,
         F.   The applicant’s business telephone number,
         G.   A description of applicant’s business activities, including applicant’s hours of operation, and
         H.   The name, residence street address, residence telephone number, social security number, date of birth, residence addresses for the past five years and the name and location of each business affiliate in the salvage business during the past five years of applicant if the applicant is a sole proprietorship or of applicant’s manager if the applicant is managed by anyone other than a sole proprietor.
         I.   A copy of all state permits issued to the applicant.
         J.   A bond issued by a reputable company in the amount of two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000), or other proof of financial responsibility, to cover the costs for removal of all debris, junk, salvage, or any other material on the surface arising from the operation of the salvage yard. Any bond obtained by the applicant shall name the City of Conneaut as an additional secured party. Said bond or proof of financial responsibility shall be maintained and proof of same shall be made available upon demand by the Housing and Zoning Inspector or his authorized representative. Cancellation of the surety bond shall result in immediate revocation of the license.
      (2)   For each officer of an applicant corporation, for each general partner of an applicant partnership, for each member of an applicant association and for each trustee of an applicant trust:
         A.   The name, social security number and date of birth,
         B.   The residence street address and residence telephone number,
         C.   The individuals residence addresses for the past five years and the name and location of each business affiliate in the salvage business during the past five years,
         D.   The relationship of such person to applicant.
      (3)   With respect to the applicant and to each person specified in subsection (b)(2) hereof a statement as to whether such person has been previously convicted of any felony, any theft offense, any violations of Ohio R.C. Chapters 4737 or 4738, or Chapter 708 of the City’s Codified Ordinances and as to whether any indictments are pending against such person.
      (4)   Regarding the premises to be used as a salvage yard:
         A.   The permanent parcel number(s),
         B.   The area of the premises in acres or square feet,
         C.   The name, address and telephone number of each holder(s) of a freehold estate in the premises and all lessees and land contract vendees along with a description of each such person’s interest in the premises,
         D.   A description of each existing structure on the premises and a description of the current and intended use of each such structure,
         E.   A description of combustible salvage material and hazardous substances intended to be kept on the premises and the anticipated length of time individual items of such materials would be kept on the premises.
      (5)   A plot plan, drawn to scale, showing the location of existing and proposed fences together with a description of their construction, the location of all buildings on the business premises, together with a description of the type of construction of such buildings and their uses, and showing adjoining streets, roads, and property lines, watercourses, fire lanes, points of ingress and egress and storage locations for flammable materials, hazardous materials and explosive materials.
         (Ord. 92-03. Passed 12-29-03.)