(A)   No person shall start or maintain any open burning covered under this section without notification to the Fire Chief of the Fire Department or other person designated by the Fire Chief.
   (B)   A campfire, burning leaves, brush, clean wood or other vegetative debris do not require a permit provided that the fire complies with all the other applicable provisions.
   (C)   Except for barbecue, gas, and charcoal grills, no open burning shall be undertaken during periods when the Governor of Michigan, State Fire Marshall/Office, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Quality, or Local Fire Chief have issued a burning ban applicable to the area.
   (D)   All allowed open burning shall be conducted in a safe, nuisance-free manner, when wind and weather conditions minimize adverse effects, and do not create a health hazard on roadways, railroads, or airfields. Open burning shall be conducted in conformance with all local and state fire protections regulations.
   (E)   Open burning shall be constantly attended and supervised by a competent person of at least 18 years of age until the fire is extinguished and is cold. The person shall have fire extinguishing equipment readily available, such as a garden hose or proper fire extinguisher, as it may be necessary for the total control of the fire.
(Ord. 27, passed 10-9-2017)  Penalty, see § 94.99