§ 94.99  PENALTY.
   (A)   Any person, firm, association, partnership, corporation, or governmental entity who violates any of the provisions of §§ 94.01 through 94.11 or fails to comply with a duly authorized order issued pursuant to §§ 94.01 through 94.11 shall be deemed to be responsible for a municipal infraction as defined by state statutes which shall be punishable by civil fine determined in accordance with the following schedule:
Minimum Fine
Maximum Fine
1st offense within 3-year period
2nd offense within 3-year period
3rd offense within 3-year period
4th or more offenses within 3-year period
   (B)   The violator shall pay costs which may include all expenses, direct and indirect, which the township has incurred in connection with the municipal infraction. In no case, however, shall costs of less than $50 nor more than $500 be ordered. In addition, the township shall have the right to proceed in any court of competent jurisdiction for the purpose of obtaining an injunction, restraining order, or other appropriate remedy to compel compliance with this §§ 94.01 through 94.11. Each day that a violation exists shall constitute a separate violation of §§ 94.01 through 94.11.
(Ord. 27, passed 10-9-2017)