§ 31.22  CHARGES.
   (A)   Charges shall be made by the Fire Department for vehicle accident services or vehicle fire services provided to persons who are not residents of the township.
   (B)   Charges shall be established pursuant to a schedule adopted by resolution of the Township Board and may from time to time, be changed by appropriate resolution of the Township Board. Charges shall be reasonably based on the actual cost of providing the services involved.
   (C)   Charges will only be billed to insurance companies of nonresidents of the township, and if not paid by insurance company, the charges will be dropped. Residents of the township will never be billed for vehicle accidents or vehicle fires.
   (D)   All charges made pursuant to the subchapter shall be due and payable within 30 days of the date of billing.
(Ord. 19, passed 4-9-2012)