34.01   [Reserved]
   34.02   Jury service
   34.03   Levy of court costs
   34.04   Deposit of probation fees and public service work supervisory fees
   34.05   Additional fines imposed in district court for County Detention Facility Fund
   34.06   Fixed assets
   34.07   Felony District Court drug conviction fines to be deposited in Adult Drug Court and Drug Control Funds
   34.08   Fair housing
   34.09   Use of excessive force by law enforcement agencies against individuals engaged in non-violent civil rights demonstrations prohibited
   34.10   Billing convicted prisoners for the cost of confinement in the County Detention Facility
   34.11   Collecting a fee from pretrial prisoners for the cost of monitoring participants in the County Home Incarceration Program
   34.12   Allocation of installment payments of court costs and fines assessed by the County District Court
   34.13   Establishment of an electronic warrants transfer system for the direct deposit of county payroll and other purposes
   34.14   Code of conduct in the procurement and management of Community Development Block Grant contracts for items and services
   34.15   Federal grant award administration policy