A.   Permitted uses.
      1.   Agricultural uses generally including:  Crop farming, forestry (excluding Christmas tree sales), residential greenhouses, livestock (pasturing and grazing, as regulated by Chapter 90 of the City Code of Ordinances), orchards, and wineries.
      2.   Single-family detached dwelling.
      3.   Manufactured Home Type I as defined in § 5.08 C. - D.
      4.   Cultural and recreational facilities (churches, parks and recreational facilities, libraries, museums, etc.)
      5.   Permanent utility structures for essential services.
      6.   Home occupations, non-traffic generation.  See Chapter 12, Board of Zoning Appeals.
      7.   Model home, including information center.
      8.   Development disabilities residential facilities are permitted in any district where dwellings are permitted, provided  that  the  licensing  and  regulation  of such facilities shall be accomplished through the Developmental Disabilities Residential Facilities Council of the State of Indiana, in accordance with the requirements of I.C. 12-28.
      9.   Single-family attached dwelling, if constructed prior to the effective date of Ordinance 2017-16.
(1980 Code, Ch. 156, § 5.02) (Ord. 1995-7, passed 6-5-1995; Am. Ord. 2016-17, passed 7-11-2017)