90.01   Definitions
   90.02   Duties of the Board of Public Works and Safety
   90.03   General animal care requirements
   90.04   Sale of animals as novelties or use as prize prohibited; exceptions
   90.05   Motor vehicle accidents involving animals
   90.06   Animals in motor vehicles
   90.07   Poisoning of animals
   90.08   Trapping of animals restricted
   90.09   Maximum number of dogs or cats
   90.10   Restricted animals
   90.11   Owners or agents responsible for removing animal wastes and dead animals
   90.12   Animal bites
   90.13   Vaccination of dogs, cats and ferrets required
   90.14   Interference with Animal Control Officer or its designee(s)
   90.15   Spaying and neutering of adopted animals
   90.16   Exclusion of service dogs prohibited
   90.17   Confinement by other than city officials; notice required
   90.18   Breaking into animal shelter prohibited
   90.19   Dangerous and poisonous animals prohibited
   90.20   Impoundment procedures
   90.21   Protected animals
   90.22   Keeping certain animals prohibited
   90.23   Seizure of certain animals
   90.24   Serious injury or death
   90.25   Dangerous animal/attack dog permit
   90.26   Permit exemptions
   90.27   Issuance of permits; additional requirements
   90.28   Registration or permit revocation
   90.29   Inspection
   90.30   Computation of time
   90.99   Penalty