A.   General: The Local Licensing Authority of the City for medical marijuana business licenses as authorized by the State Code, the rules and regulations of the State licensing authority, this Code and local rules and regulations, shall possess all powers given to Local Licensing Authorities by the provisions of State statutes, City Code and State and local rules and regulations.
   B.   Rules And Regulations: The Local Licensing Authority shall have the authority to promulgate rules and regulations, including those governing the processing of license applications, the administration of licenses and the conduct of hearings on medical marijuana business licensing matters.
   C.   Grant Or Denial Of License Application: The Local Licensing Authority is responsible for review and grant, denial, and conditioning of grants of applications for medical marijuana businesses.
   D.   Appeals: The decision of the Local Licensing Authority may be appealed to a hearing officer in accord with article 1, part 8 of this chapter and the medical marijuana licensing rules and procedures. Failure to appeal in accord with this section shall be deemed a waiver of the right to appeal pursuant to CRCP 106 by virtue of a failure to exhaust administrative remedies.
   E.   Appeal To District Court: The final decision or determination of the hearing officer shall in all cases be final and conclusive. A decision or determination of the hearing officer may only be reviewed by the District Court pursuant to CRCP 106(a)(4). In the event the District Court remands the matter back to the hearing officer or Local Licensing Authority for additional proceedings, there shall be no reinstatement of licensed privileges pending additional proceedings, except by court order. (Ord. 11-32; Ord. 16-32)