(A)   Unlawful. No person shall subdivide a parcel of land without previous approval of the Colorado City Town Council as set forth under these regulations, and by A.R.S. §§ 9-463.01 and 9-463.02.
   (B)   Subdivision defined. For the purpose of this chapter, the following definition shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
         (a)   Improved or unimproved land or lands divided for the purpose of:
            1.   Financing, sale or lease, whether immediate or future, into 4 or more lots, tracts or parcels of land; or
            2.   If a new street is involved, any such property which is divided into 2 or more lots, tracts or parcels of land, or any such property, the boundaries of which have been fixed by a recorded plat, which is divided into more than 2 parts.
         (b)   Subdivision also includes any condominium, cooperative, community apartment, townhouse or similar project containing 4 or more parcels, in which an undivided interest in the land is coupled with the right of exclusive occupancy of any unit located thereon, except that plats of the projects need not show the buildings or the manner in which the buildings or air space above the property shown on the plat are to be divided. Subdivision does not include the following:
            1.   The sale or exchange of parcels of land to or between adjoining property owners if the sale or exchange does not create additional lots;
            2.   The partitioning of land in accordance with other statutes regulating the partitioning of land held in common ownership;
            3.   The leasing of apartments, offices, stores or similar space within a building or manufactured home park, nor to mineral, oil or gas leases, except residential condominiums as referenced in division (b) above;
            4.   Land splits and lot line adjustments as defined by this chapter, which are subject to a separate review process;
            5.   The public acquisition of land for streets, highways and rights-of-way;
            6.   Thirty-six acre or larger parcel divisions; or
            7.   Subdivision into or development of parcels, plots or fractional portions for the purpose of creating burial plots within the boundaries of a cemetery.
(Ord. 2007-2, passed 5-29-2007; Am. Ord. 2014-02, passed 12-15-2014)