A.   Ordinance Violation: Any violation of any ordinance of the city will constitute grounds for the revocation of a retail business license after the city council finds it a fact that any actual violation is detrimental to the best interests of the city and its inhabitants.
   B.   Notice Of Violation:
      1.   Written Notice: The licensing authority shall give written notice thereof by certified mail addressed to the licensee or applicant.
      2.   Contents Of Notice: Such notice shall specify the alleged grounds of said violation and shall inform the recipient of his/her right to demand a hearing before a hearing officer designated for such purpose by the licensing authority.
   C.   Demand For Hearing: A demand for hearing shall be made in writing to the licensing authority and submitted no later than the tenth day next succeeding the date of mailing of the aforesaid notice. If no demand for hearing is made within said time, the license shall forthwith be revoked, suspended or denied.
   D.   Hearing: If a hearing is demanded, it shall be held within ten (10) days thereafter, upon written notice to the party demanding hearing.
   E.   Hearing Officer: The hearing officer for such hearing shall be the zoning officer and is empowered to hear testimony, take evidence, and to make findings of fact.
   F.   Findings: The hearing officer shall thereafter report these findings along with the hearing officer's recommendation, to the licensing authority.
   G.   Action Of Licensing Authority: Upon receipt of the hearing officer's findings and recommendations, the licensing authority shall take final action.
   H.   Immediate Revocation:
      1.   Grounds: Any violation of any ordinance of the city or any violation of any agreement made by license holder with the city which agreement existed prior to the issuance of the license or thereafter will constitute grounds for the immediate revocation of a retail business license after the city council makes a fact finding that an actual violation of the ordinance and/or agreement exists and such violation is detrimental to the best interests of the city.
      2.   Determination Of Immediate Action: Should the elected authorities determine that such violation requires immediate action, then upon the concurrence of two-thirds (2/3) of the elected authorities, the reasons for such revocation shall be stated and such revocation shall be immediate.
      3.   Demand For Immediate Hearing: Licensee shall have twenty four (24) hours after receipt of the notice of revocation to demand an immediate hearing which hearing shall be held within forty eight (48) hours of such demand for a hearing.
      4.   Findings Of Hearing Officer: The hearing officer shall make findings and shall be empowered with the concurrence of the mayor to temporarily lift such revocation until the next council meeting. (1997 Code)