A.   Application for the operation of a retail business within the city limits shall be made to the city clerk. An application for the operation of a retail business shall state the nature of the business, the address of the premises where said business will be operated and such other pertinent information as may be required by the city council by ordinance or resolution. (1997 Code; amd. Ord. 0-14-10, 5-10-2010)
   B.   All businesses are required to annually register with the city of Colona. There shall be no cost to the business for such annual registration after the payment of the initial licensing fee. (Ord. 0-14-10, 5-10-2010)
   C.   Any business within the city of Colona, Henry County, Illinois, which has failed to annually register with the city of Colona by February 1 of each calendar year shall be deemed in violation of this section requiring such registration. Failure to register annually with the city of Colona, by February 1 each calendar year shall carry a fine to be established under the "general penalty clause" of this code.
The fine to be established for violation of the failure to register requirement may also be covered under its "no contest" section in title 5, chapter 5, "Fines", of this code. (Ord. 0-18-12, 10-8-2012)