5-1-4: MEMBERSHIP 1 :
   A.   Bargaining Unit Members And Agreement: The city has entered into a bargaining unit agreement with the members of the Colona bargaining members of the Colona police department. All other written policies and ordinances of the city shall apply to all members of the police department that do not conflict with the terms of agreement of the current bargaining agreement during its prescribed term.
   B.   Conduct: It shall be the duty of every member of the police department to conduct him/herself in a proper and law abiding manner at all times, and to avoid the use of unnecessary force. The current bargaining agreement shall supersede this section if this section conflicts therein. Each member of the department shall obey the orders and directions of his/her superior in the chain of command, with the chief of police being the head of the chain of command. (Ord. 0-15-001, 3-24-2015)



1. See subsection 1-7-1E4 of this code for bond requirements.