90.01   General authority
   90.02   Definitions
   90.03   Conditions and/or acts constituting a nuisance
   90.04   Slot machine and premises public nuisance
   90.05   Junk yards adjacent to interstate and primary highways; regulation
   90.06   Appliances and other airtight containers
   90.07   Harboring flies, insects or rodents
   90.08   Abandoned property
   90.09   Accumulation of lumber, junk and other materials
   90.10   Offensive, foul or vicious smells
   90.11   Public nuisance not legalized by lapse of time
   90.12   Liability of successive owners for continuing nuisance
Nuisance vegetation
   90.20   Certain weeds and plants declared nuisances
   90.21   Duty to correct
Administration and Enforcement
   90.35   Notice to owner of nuisance
   90.36   Failure to comply with notice; removal of nuisance; costs
   90.37   Hearing; time; issuance of order; appeal
   90.38   Abatement of nuisance, notice required, taxing cost of abatement, civil action
   90.99   Penalty
   Loud and raucous noise, see § 131.05