(A)   No person shall maliciously, willfully or negligently break, damage, destroy, uncover, deface or tamper with any structure, appurtenance or equipment which is a part of the POTW. Any person violating this provision shall be subject to immediate arrest and shall be guilty of misdemeanor punishable by fine and shall be responsible for the expenses incurred for correcting said damages.
   (B)   If a public sewer becomes obstructed or damaged because of any substances improperly discharged into it, the person or persons responsible for such discharges shall be billed and shall pay for the expenses incurred by the Town in cleaning out, repairing or rebuilding the sewer.
   (C)   No unauthorized person shall enter or alter any manhole or similar appurtenance of any public sewer, put anything therein or interfere therewith. No person shall insert or place in any public sewer, manhole or other appurtenance thereof any sticks, rubbish or other materials which said sewer, manhole or appurtenance thereof was not intended to receive.
   (D)   The control authority shall have the authority to implement a program for acquiring the necessary qualified personnel to perform all tasks related to all wastewater functions to insure the integrity of the total program.
   (E)   In case of accidental discharge, including any discharge that would violate a prohibition under 40 CFR 403.5(b), it is the responsibility of the industrial user to immediately notify the POTW of the incident. The notification shall include volume of discharge, duration of event and corrective actions. Within five days following an accidental discharge the industrial user shall submit to POTW a detailed written report describing the cause of the discharge and the measures to be taken by the industrial user to prevent similar future occurrences. Such notification shall not relieve the industrial user of any expense, loss, damage or other liability which may be incurred as a result of damage to the POTW, fish kills, or any other damage to person or property; nor shall such notification relieve the industrial user of any fines, civil penalties, or other liability which may be imposed by these regulations or other applicable law.
(`83 Code, § 13-209) (Am. Ord. 2017-07, passed 5-8-17)  Penalty, see § 53.99