(A)   G.S. §§ 14-415.10 et seq. made changes to the laws governing concealed weapons by establishing a system that will allow private citizens to obtain permits to carry concealed handguns.
   (B)   This change will significantly increase the number of individuals who may legally carry concealed handguns.
   (C)   It is necessary to restrict the carrying of concealed handguns on certain town property in order to protect the health and safety of municipal employees and the community at large.
   (D)   G.S. § 14-415.23 authorized municipalities to adopt ordinances to permit the posting of a prohibition against carrying a concealed handgun, in accordance with G.S. § 14-415.11(c), on local government buildings, their appurtenant premises and parks.
   (E)   It is the intent of this subchapter to direct the posting of municipal property such that, pursuant to G.S. § 14-415.11(c), the carrying of concealed handguns on the posted premises will constitute a violation of G.S. Ch. 14, Art. 54B.
(Prior Code, § 130.50)  (Ord. passed 12-14-1995)