(A)   Time. Within 60 days after the Board has granted the franchise, the franchisee shall file with the Clerk to the Board, a written acceptance of the franchise, acknowledged before a notary public. This acceptance shall acknowledge that the franchisee agrees to be bound by and to comply with the provisions of this chapter, and the assurances set forth in his or her application, and shall be of the form and of the content, as shall be satisfactory to and be approved by the Town Attorney.
   (B)   Other requirements. Concurrently with the filing of the written acceptance, the franchisee shall file with the Clerk to the Board the bond and proofs of insurance as required by § 114.11(C) and (D) of this chapter and proof of loan commitments or other proof of ability to obtain construction funds.
   (C)   Effective date. The effective date of this franchise shall be the date on which the franchisee files the acceptance, bond, proof of insurance, and proof of acquisition of construction funds as required in this section; provided, however, if any of the material required to be filed with the acceptance or the acceptance itself is defective or fails to meet with approval, the franchise shall not be effective until the defect is cured or the approval is obtained.
(Prior Code, § 114.06)  (Ord. passed 11-12-1981)