(a)    Applications may be obtained from the office of the City Manager and when completed, returned to that office.
   (b)    In addition to the required application form, the following information shall be provided as part of the application:
      (1)    The proposed location, site size, total number of manufactured home sites to be developed, and the production schedule for the development.
      (2)    The proposed location, size and use of the nonresidential portions of the tract, including usable open space, parklands, playgrounds and other areas and spaces, including their suggested ownership.
      (3)    The proposed provisions for water, sanitary sewer, surface drainage and fire protection facilities, including engineering feasibility studies or other pertinent information.
      (4)    The proposed traffic circulation pattern, including location of public and private streets, curbs and gutters, walks and other accessways showing their relationships to existing streets and topographic features.
      (5)    Information on the use or reuse of existing features such as topography, drainageways, tree cover, structures, streets and easements.
      (6)    Deed restrictions, covenants, easements and encumbrances to be used to control the use, development and/or maintenance of the park.
   (c)    The Planning Commission shall review the application and determine whether the proposed manufactured home park complies with the requirements of Section 1159.01 and shall instruct the City Manager whether to issue a zoning certificate.
(Ord. 1985-40. Passed 8-6-85; Ord. 1987-36. Passed 9-1-87.)