(a)    Manufactured Home Parks are permitted uses only within the R-3 Multiple-Family Residential District.
   (b)    No existing Manufactured Home Park may be expanded unless the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance are met and approved according to Section 1159.03.
   (c)    A Manufactured Home Park shall:
(1)    Be designed, constructed, operated and maintained so as to be harmonious and appropriate in appearance with the character of the vicinity of the proposed Manufactured Home Park and will not undesirably alter the essential character of the area.
(2)    Be served adequately by public facilities and services or the persons responsible for the establishment of the proposed park shall be able to provide adequate services.
(3)    Have vehicular approaches to the property which shall be so designed as to conform with existing traffic patterns and limitations on the surrounding public streets.
(4)    Be minimum of eight acres except for additions or extensions.
(5)    Meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the Public Health Council as detailed in OAC Chapter 3701-27 and its subsequent amendments.
   (d)    Individual manufactured homes located within the Manufactured Home Park shall have a minimum floor area of 600 square feet.
(Ord. 1985-40. Passed 8-6-85; Ord. 1987-36. Passed 9-1-87.)