§ 154.03  REGULATIONS.
   (A)   All garbage in the trailer park shall be picked up by the city shall be placed in metal or plastic garbage cans with secured lids. At no time shall any lot renter set out or place garbage on or next to a city street prior to the night before the next regularly scheduled trash pick-up day for the trailer park area. At no time will garbage be stored only in plastic bags, boxes, or paper sacks.
   (B)   Each lot renter shall keep the grass on his or her lot in the trailer park mowed below a height of six inches. If at any time the grass on such a lot reaches a height of six inches or higher, the city shall have the option of coming onto said lot and thereby mowing said lot and then charging the lot owner a fee (see § 154.02 of this chapter) which shall be paid timely along with the lot rent for said lot.
   (C)   All household pets shall be kept inside the mobile home of each lot renter at all times, except for any brief periods when the pet is taken outside for health and/or exercise purposes, during which time it must be kept on a leash. At no time shall any pet be turned loose outside, tied outside, placed in a pen outside, or otherwise restrained outside or be allowed to continuously remain outside the mobile home.
   (D)   The speed limit for all vehicles in the trailer park shall be five mph. Any violators of said speed limit can be cited by the city for such.
   (E)   No major auto or mechanical work can be or shall be allowed to be performed in the trailer park.
   (F)   While buildings are permitted on said lots, any such buildings can be no larger than eight feet by ten feet and the building must be properly secured or tied down and must be approved by the Mayor or the appropriate official of the city. Such buildings also cannot be placed over or on top of any water or sewer line.
   (G)   Any unusable or disabled vehicles located on any lot in trailer park property can be towed or moved from said lot by the city and stored in a suitable location, at the lot owner’s expense, and any unpaid costs will be subsequently added to the lot owner’s rental fee.
   (H)   In the event of a water or sewer leak in the trailer park, the water or sewer service provided by the city to the park may be temporarily disconnected until the leak can be repaired.
   (I)   Proper underpinning must be placed on a mobile home located on a space in the trailer park within 30 days of its initial placement on the space.
   (J)   Renters shall be permitted to plant shrubs, trees, and flowers on their lots in the trailer park. However, once planted on such a lot, they shall become the property of the city.
   (K)   All mobile homes located in the trailer park must be of a good appearance and in good and sound repair.
   (L)   The city shall supervise the placement of all mobile homes in the trailer park and will inspect all connections with regards to said lot before their use by the lot renter.
   (M)   A lot renter is permitted to continuously have, in total, only two vehicles, boats, trailers, campers, or any combination of any two such items on his or her lot.
   (N)   No building improvements or appurtenances shall be built next to, attached to, connected to, or constructed close to any mobile home or on any mobile home lot in the trailer park without the specific written permission and approval of the city.
   (O)   No mobile home which is over ten years in age shall be permitted to be placed, located, situated, or continue to remain in the trailer park without the specific written permission and approval of the city.
(Prior Code, § 154.03)  (Ord. 97-2.1, passed 2-17-1997; Ord. 2003-07.01, passed 7-30-2003; Ord. 2004-11.01, passed 11-15-2004; Ord. 2009-09.01, passed 9-30-2009)  Penalty, see § 154.99