(A)   Description of District. This District is composed of single-family low-density residential areas of the city, plus certain open areas where similar residential development appears likely to occur.
   (B)   Permitted uses. Permitted use are as follows:
      (1)   Single-family dwellings;
      (2)   Churches;
      (3)   Cemeteries;
      (4)   Schools;
      (5)   Public easements; and
      (6)   Hobby activities.
   (C)   Accessory uses. The following are permitted accessory uses: two accessory buildings.
   (D)   Conditional uses. The following are permitted conditional uses:
      (1)   Home occupations;
      (2)   Accessory dwelling units;
      (3)   Tiny homes; and
      (4)   Other uses deemed compatible with the district by the Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Adjustments.
   (E)   Dimensional regulations. See Appendix following this chapter.
   (F)   Parking regulations. See § 153.070 through 153.073 of this chapter.
(Prior Code, § 153.18)  (Ord. 920.2, passed 10-30-1980; Ord. 2021-153, passed - -)