A.   C-1 Convenience Commercial: The convenience commercial zoning classification is designed to provide for the development of ground that routinely assists the daily needs of the local traveling public.
   B.   C-2 Community Commercial: The community commercial zoning classification is designed to accommodate developments that, by nature of business, provide services and commodities that benefit the community at large.
   C.   C-3 Planned Office Park Commercial: The planned office park commercial district is intended to provide certain areas of the city for the development of business, professional, and public service offices and office buildings as a planned and integrated commercial unit. The C-3 district is designed to be a planned commercial area under single ownership, management, or control, characterized by a grouping of offices and office buildings with various facilities designed to be used in common, such as access drives, parking, loading, lighting, signs and walks. Any enterprise which cannot wholly enclose its operations within the principal structure shall not be permitted.
   D.   C-4 Planned Shopping Center: The purpose of the planned shopping center district is to provide land for the orderly and logical development of a complete and intensive shopping center with a broad range of retail and permitted office use, which exhibits a high quality of architectural and design quality. The development will incorporate high quality materials in unique architectural designs and substantial plantings of trees, shrubs, and other plant materials.
   E.   C-5 Highway Commercial:
      1.   Purpose: The highway commercial district is intended to provide for major business and commercial districts to serve the highway traveling population.
      2.   Automobile And Travel Plaza: Automobile and truck travel plazas shall be under single ownership, management or control and may be characterized by a concentrated group of structures and compatible uses. Various facilities shall be designed to be used in common, such as access roads, parking and loading areas, lighting, signs and walks. For automobile and truck travel plazas, the following regulations shall apply, except as otherwise provided herein:
         a.   Minimum lot area is twenty five (25) acres. No minimum lot area shall be required for individual lots or tracts with the same area, provided that all such development shall be in accordance with the site plan and development of such individual lots or tracts and all common facilities within such area shall remain under single management or control.
         b.   The community development director or the city council may also require a statement of financial responsibility to assure construction of the development in accordance with the submitted site plan and the requirements of this title. (Ord. 876, 1-17-2008)