Definitions; General Provisions   1
Administration And Enforcement   2
Board Of Adjustment   3
Zoning Districts; Map   4
Residential Districts   5
R-1 Single-Family Dwelling District   5A
R-2 Two-Family Dwelling District   5B
R-3 Multiple-Family Dwelling District   5C
Commercial Districts   6
C-1 Commercial Office District   6A
C-2 Convenience Commercial District   6B
C-3 Tourist Commercial District   6C
C-4 General Commercial District   6D
C-5 Heavy Commercial District   6E
Industrial Districts   7
I-1 Restricted Light Industrial District   7A
I-2 Light Industrial District   7B
I-3 Heavy Industrial District   7C
Other Districts   8
F-1 Floodplain District   8A
H-1 Health Facilities District   8B
A-1 Agricultural Zoning District   8C
Supplemental Regulations   9
Nonconforming Uses And Structures   10
Off Street Parking And Loading   11