(A)   The sewage rates and charges shall be based upon the quantity of water used on or in the property or premises subject to such rates and charges, as the same may be measured by the water meter there in use, except as otherwise provided in this section.
   (B)   The water usage schedule upon which the amount of such rates and charges shall be determined shall be based upon consumption by the month with charges for sewage to be as follows: $22.12 per 1,000 gallons.
   (C)   Each user shall in addition to the above rates pay a fee of $5,000 for each tap on. Each user shall be given credit toward taps for the amount that user has paid to the district for assessments or contributions.
   (D)   In order that the rates and charges may be justly and equitably adjusted to the service rendered, the sewer district shall have the right to base its charges not only on volume but also on the strength and character of the sewage and waste which is discharged into the system. The sewage district shall have the right to measure and determine the strength and content of all sewage and waste discharged, either directly or indirectly, into the district’s sanitary sewage system, in such manner and by such method as it may deem practicable in the light of conditions and attending circumstances of the case, in order to determine the proper charge.
   (E)   Charges shall be based on the strength of the sewage and liquid waste as determined by analysis of samples taken from time to time by the district. The strength and character of the sewage and waste shall be based on the quantity of suspended solids and five day biochemical oxygen demand, determined on samples of the sewage and wastes sampled and determined in accordance with the latest copy of Standard Methods of Analysis for Water, Sewage and Industrial Wastes, as published by the American Public Health Association or it successor.
   (F)   A schedule of rates and charges shall be prepared and billed by the district and shall be collected in the manner provided by law and ordinance.
   (G)   The rates and charges may be billed to the tenant or tenants occupying the property served, unless otherwise requested in writing by the owners, but such billings shall in no way relieve the owner from liability in the event payment is not made as herein required. The owners of property served, which are occupied by tenants, shall have the right to examine the collection records of the district for the purpose of determining whether such rates and charges have been paid by such tenants, provided that such examination shall be made at the office at which such records are kept and during the hours at which such office is open for business.
   (H)   The rates established by this section shall become effective upon sewage service being furnished to a user.
(Ord. 1-1995, passed - -1995)