(A)   The intent of this section is to allow residential City Water Department customers the opportunity to have sewage rate charges abated for water usage that does not become sewage treatment water during peak use summer months. The time frame for peak summer usage normally extends from late spring to early fall. This section will define this period as June billing period payable in July through August billing period payable September. This section offers residential customers relief from sewage rate charges for the purpose of pool filling, common outdoor cleaning, lawn and garden watering during the period of time listed above.
   (B)   City Water Department residential customers wishing to take advantage of the summer sprinkler rates will register with the City Water Department office from April through May each year. The charge for this service is $20 annually. Customers signing up for this service after May 31 will be charged $40.
   (C)   The City Water Department is responsible for due notification to the public each year prior to the sign up period. For the purpose of this section, minimum due notification will be considered an advertisement of the sign-up period one day a week, every other week April through May each year, “4 individual notifications.” This advertisement will be made using the most common form of public media.
   (D)   The sewer rate adjustment will be based on an average of three individual months total volume usage during full time occupancy. This normal usage average will be used as a baseline for the summer sprinkler rate.
      (1)   The months used to define the average will not include the summer usage period, but will include three months during normal full-time occupancy October through April.
      (2)   Months with leak adjustments will not be averaged.
      (3)   Months with no occupancy or minimal usage bills will not be used for averages.
      (4)   No customer with late or in arrears payments owed to the Water Department will be eligible.
   (E)   Once the summer rate is defined and the annual service charge paid, City Water Department residential customers will not be charged sewer rates for monthly total usage volumes that exceed 1,000 gallons over their respective normal usage average during the period described as May through September.
   (F)   Example, if a residential customer has an approved normal usage average of 10,000 gallons, that customer would not pay sewage rates for amounts exceeding 11,000 gallons during the billing periods June payable in July through August payable in September.
   (G)   All other water/sewer rate adjustments that fall outside the scope of this section will continue to be handled by the City Water Department, the City Board of Public Works and Safety or the Mayor’s office.
(Ord. 4-2013-1, passed 4-9-2013)