For the purpose of this title, the following words, terms, phrases and their derivations shall have the meanings given in this section. The word "shall" is always mandatory and the word "may" is permissive.
ALLEY: A public way along the side of or in the rear of properties intended to provide secondary access to these properties.
BLOCK: The distance as measured along a street between intersecting streets from centerline to centerline; and, where the context requires, it also means the enclosed area within the perimeter of the streets or property lines enclosing it.
BUILDING LINE: A line within a lot so designated on the plat of the subdivision, between which line and any street line upon which the lot abuts, the erection of a building is prohibited.
CERTIFICATE OF REVIEW: An official letter of notification written by the director of the planning commission to the subdivider advising him of the review, approval or disapproval, with a statement of deficiencies, if disapproved.
CIRCULATION PLAN: That portion of the comprehensive city plan providing and planning for the present and future street and road system for the city.
COLLECTOR STREET: A street that serves as a connection between a thoroughfare and several minor residential, industrial or commercial streets. The term includes the principal entrance streets of a residential development and principal circulating streets within such development.
CROSSWALKWAY: A strip of land dedicated to public use, which is reserved across a block to provide pedestrian access to adjacent areas.
CUL-DE-SAC: A street having one open end and being permanently terminated by a vehicular turnaround.
DOUBLE FRONTAGE: A lot which has a pair of opposite lot lines along two (2) substantially parallel streets.
DRAINAGE COURSE: A natural or manmade watercourse for the drainage of surface waters.
EASEMENT: A grant by a property owner for the use of a strip of land by the general public, a corporation, or a certain person or persons, for a specific purpose or purposes.
FINAL PLAT: The plat of a subdivision to be recorded in the DeWitt County recorder's office after the procedures and requirements of this title have been met and the plat is approved by the city council.
HALF STREET: A street bordering one or more property lines of a tract of land in which the subdivider has allocated only part of the ultimate right of way width.
IMPROVEMENTS: Those public improvements including site grading, streets, drainage, sanitary sewers, water facilities, and sidewalks, and other required utilities to fully serve the proposed subdivision.
LOT: A building site shown on a plat of subdivision as a numbered, identifiable tract to be offered as a unit for sale or transfer of ownership, or for building development.
MAJOR STREET: A street designed to serve as a major traffic artery for movement of vehicles through the city or between various parts of the city.
MARGINAL ACCESS STREET: A street which is parallel and adjacent to a major street or highway, and which provides access from the major street or highway to abutting properties and protection from through traffic.
MINOR OR LOCAL STREET: A street intended primarily as access to abutting properties.
OFFICIAL PLAN: The composite of the functional and geographic elements of the comprehensive city plan, or any segment thereof.
OWNER: Any individual, firm, association, partnership, trust, corporation or any other legal entity having sufficient proprietary interest in land sought to be subdivided to commence and maintain proceedings to subdivide the same under this title.
PARCEL: Refers broadly to a lot, trust or any other piece of land.
PLANNING COMMISSION: The planning commission of the city.
PREAPPLICATION CONFERENCE: A meeting between the subdivider and the planning commission's staff and, when advisable, appropriate municipal officials and superintendent of public works prior to subdividing.
PRELIMINARY PLAN: A tentative map, drawing or chart of a proposed subdivision or greater area prepared in the manner and containing the data, documents and information required of this title for preliminary review and preliminary approval by the planning commission and city council.
PRIVATE STREET: An undedicated street which is privately owned and maintained.
PROTECTIVE COVENANTS: Contracts entered into between private parties that constitute a restriction on the use of all private property within a subdivision for the benefit of property owners, and to provide mutual protection against undesirable aspects of development which would tend to impair stability of values.
PUBLIC STREET: A street dedicated for public use.
RECORDER: The recorder of deeds of DeWitt County.
RESERVE STRIP: A tract of land intended to prohibit the use of a public right of way or access to a public right of way by owners of adjacent properties. Reserve strips are not allowed under this title.
ROADWAY OR ROAD: Wherever the words "road" or "roadway" are used in this title, it shall be deemed the paved area existing in the street right of way and not the street right of way width.
SUBDIVIDER: Any individual firm, association, partnership, trust, corporation or any other entity commencing proceedings under this title for the subdivision of land for himself or for another.
SUBDIVISION: The division of land in two (2) or more parcels for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of transfer of ownership or building development, including all public streets, alleys, easements for public service facilities, parks, playgrounds, school grounds or other public grounds.
   (A)   The division of land for agricultural purposes into parcels of five (5) acres or more in size which does not involve any new streets or easements of access;
   (B)   The conveyance of parcels of land or interests therein for use as right of way for railroads or other public utility facilities which does not involve any new streets or easements of access;
   (C)   The conveyance of land owned by a railroad or other public utility which does not involve any new streets or easements of access;
   (D)   The conveyance of land for highway or other public purposes or grants or conveyances relating to the dedication of land for public use or instruments relating to the vacation of land impressed with a public use;
   (E)   Conveyances made to correct descriptions in prior conveyances;
   (F)   The sale or exchange of parcels of land between owners of adjoining and contiguous land.
SUBDIVISION, MAJOR: Any subdivision that does not meet the requirements of a minor subdivision.
SUBDIVISION, MINOR: A proposed subdivision of land is a minor subdivision if the proposed division of a parcel of land is along an existing public street; does not involve the opening, widening, or extension of any street or road.
SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC WORKS: Shall be as defined in section 1-11-8 of this code. In the absence of the superintendent of public works, the superintendent's duties shall be performed by the administrative assistant in charge of infrastructure. (Ord. 869, 11-5-2001)