(A)   The Clinton Municipal Airport is acknowledged as an essential public facility to the State of Iowa and the local community.
   (B)   The creation or establishment of an airport hazard is a public nuisance and poses a potential concern to the surrounding individuals and businesses served by the Clinton Municipal Airport.
   (C)   There shall be no creation or establishment of a hazard that endangers public health, safety, welfare, and impacts an individual's quality of life or prevents the safe movement of aircraft at the Clinton Municipal Airport.
   (D)   For the protection of the public health, safety, and general welfare, and for the promotion of the most appropriate use of land, it is necessary to prevent the creation or establishment of airport hazards.
   (E)   The prevention of airport hazards shall be accomplished, to the extent legally possible, by proper exercise of the police power.
   (F)   The prevention of new airport hazards, and the elimination, removal, alteration, mitigation, or marking and lighting of existing airport hazards, are considered to be a public purpose for which the City of Clinton may raise and expend public funds, as an incident to the operation of airports, or to acquire property interest therein.
(Ord. 2517, passed 2-24-2015)