(A)   It shall be the duty of the applicant to provide the Airport Zoning Administrator with sufficient information to evaluate the proposed action.  This information shall include but not be limited to the following as noted in the Compatible Land Use Planning Checklist:
      (1)   Contact information
      (2)   Structure information
      (3)   Site information
      (4)   Drawing information
      (5)   Certification
      (6)   Identify current and potential compatibility concerns
   (B)   The Airport Zoning Administrator shall evaluate the proposal based upon information provided by the applicant.  The Airport Zoning Administrator shall approve the permit if after evaluation, the proposed project is found to be adequately compatible.  Should the proposed project be found to be incompatible after review, the Airport Zoning Administrator shall deny the permit.  Should the permit be denied, the applicant shall have the right to request a variance or an appeal as prescribed in this ordinance.
(Ord. 2517, passed 2-24-2015)  Penalty, see § 157.99