Hotel and Motel Tax
   35.001   Definitions
   35.002   Tax imposed
   35.003   Payment of tax
Industrial Property Tax Exemptions
   35.015   Purpose
   35.016   Definitions
   35.017   Period of partial exemption
   35.018   Amounts eligible for exemption
   35.019   Limitations
   35.020   Applications
   35.021   Approval
   35.022   Exemption repealed
   35.023   Dual exemptions prohibited
Speculative Shell Buildings Property Tax Exemption
   35.035   Purpose
   35.036   Definitions
   35.037   Property tax exemption for buildings of certain organizations
   35.038   Term and amount of exemption
   35.039   Exceptions
   35.040   Application for exemption
   35.041   Prior approval
   35.042   Eligibility for industrial tax exemption under Iowa Code Chapter 427B
Urban Renewal
   35.050   Purpose
   35.051   Liberty Avenue Urban Renewal Area; Plaza West Development Project
   35.052   Manufacturing Meadows Urban Renewal Area; Kirchhoff Development Project
   35.053   Downtown River Lyons Urban Renewal Area
   35.054   Manufacturing Meadows Urban Renewal Area; Target Store Development Project
   35.055   Manufacturing Meadows Urban Renewal Area; Manufacturing Meadows III Project
   35.056   Central Business District Urban Renewal Area; Hy-Vee Redevelopment Project
   35.057   Manufacturing Meadows Urban Renewal Area; Mill Creek Development Project
   35.058   Business Park Development Project
   35.059   Liberty Square Urban Renewal Area
   35.060   Ashford University Urban Renewal Area
   35.061   City Housing Partnership Urban Renewal Area
   35.062    West View Heights Urban Renewal Area
   35.063    Lincolnway Industrial Rail and Air Park Urban Renewal Area
   35.064   Washington Middle School Urban Renewal Area
   35.065   Saddle Ridge Urban Renewal Area
   35.066   Zara Heights Urban Renewal Area
   35.067   Riverstone Crossing Urban Renewal Area
Urban Revitalization Area
   35.075   Designation of urban revitalization areas
Municipal Improvement District
   35.085   Self-supported Municipal Improvement District established