96.01   Intent
   96.02   Definitions
   96.03   Administration
   96.04   Abandoned vehicle unlawful; removal authorized
   96.05   Hazardous vehicle unlawful; removal authorized
   96.06   Junked motor vehicle regulated; removal authorized
   96.07   Removal of abandoned, hazardous or junked motor vehicles; pre-towing notice requirements; appeals
   96.08   Exceptions to prior notice requirement
   96.09   Removal of vehicles; post-towing notice requirements
   96.10   Right to probable cause hearing before sale or final disposition of vehicle
   96.11   Redemption of vehicle during proceedings
   96.12   Sale and disposition of unclaimed vehicle
   96.13   Conditions on removal of vehicles from private property
   96.14   Protection against criminal or civil liability
   96.15   Exceptions
   96.16   Unlawful removal of impounded vehicle