(A)   There is hereby levied and assessed and shall be collected by the City of Cleburne a permit fee from every person pursuing or engaging in any business in the City of Cleburne for which a permit or license is required by the Tex. Alcoholic Beverage Code. Such fee shall be in an amount equal to one-half of the state fee charged for such permit or license as such fee now exists or shall from time to time be established or modified pursuant to such Code. The city permit fees shall not, however, be applicable to mixed beverage permits during the first, second and third years of their existence. The City of Cleburne adopts those exemptions from the permit and license fee requirement as are provided in the Tex. Alcoholic Beverage Code.
   (B)   Upon payment to the City Secretary of the applicable city permit fee prescribed in this section and exhibition to the City Secretary of a permit or license duly issued by the state to the applicant or person paying such fee, the City Secretary shall, in the name of the city, issue and deliver to such applicant or person a permit to engage in the business in the city of the character described in and authorized by the permit or license from the state held by such applicant or person. The permit so issued in the name of the city shall authorize the conduct of such business upon the premises described in the permit or license from the state, and shall remain in force only so long as such permit or license from the state remains in force. The city permit shall be publicly displayed on the premises together with the state permit or license.
   (C)   All permits issued under the terms of this chapter shall be issued in conjunction with the license issued and/or renewed by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission or every two years from the date issued. No part of the city fee shall be refunded if a permit is terminated before the expiration date of the permit.
(Ord. 05-2009-31, passed 5-26-09; Am. Ord. 07-2015-51, passed 7-14- 15) Penalty, see § 120.99