The following shall be exceptions to the conflict- of-interest policy stated in § 36.02:
   (A)   Municipal officials who transact business with banks, savings and loan associations, or public utilities when the transactions are made in the regular course of business. Approval of this contract or undertaking must be specifically made through a resolution of the Town Council, with the interested official not voting on the resolution.
   (B)   Elected town officials, or persons appointed to fill elective town offices, may transact business with the town if the following safeguards are strictly observed:
      (1)   The official entering into the contract with the town does not vote or participate in any way in his official capacity;
      (2)   The total yearly amount of such contracts is noted in audited annual financial statements of the town;
      (3)   The contract, or series of contracts, must not exceed $10,000 for medically-related services or $15,000 for other goods or services within a 12-month period, is approved by a specific resolution of the Town Council, and is recorded in the minutes;
      (4)   A list of all such officials with whom contracts have been made will be posted in a conspicuous place in the Town Hall, briefly describing the subject matter of the contracts and their total amounts covering the preceding 12 months, and must be brought up-to-date at least quarterly; and
      (5)   No contract or single transaction may exceed $2,500.
   (C)   Town officials may receive payment for services, facilities, or supplies provided to needy persons under state or federal assistance programs if:
      (1)   The needy person selects the provider;
      (2)   The provider takes no part in approving his own bill; and
      (3)   The program is open to all interested parties of the profession or occupation to participate as a provider on a nondiscretionary basis.
(Ord. passed 4-18-83)