§ 150.998  REMEDIES.
   (A)   Whenever any violation is denominated a misdemeanor under the provisions of this chapter, the town, either in addition to or in lieu of other remedies, may initiate any appropriate action or proceedings to prevent, restrain, correct, or abate the violation or to prevent the occupancy of the building or structure involved.
   (B)    Removal of building.  In the case of building or structure declared unsafe under G.S. § 160A-426 or an ordinance adopted pursuant to G.S. § 160A-426, a town may, in lieu of taking action under division (A), cause the building or structure to be removed or demolished. The amounts incurred by the town in connection with the removal or demolition shall be lien against the real property upon which the cost was incurred.  The liens shall be filed, have the same priority, and be collected in the same manner as liens for special assessments provided in G.S. § 160A-432.10. If the building or structure is removed or demolished by the town, the town shall sell the usable materials of the building and any personal property, fixtures, or appurtenances found in or attached to the building. The town shall credit the proceeds of the sale against the cost of the removal or demolition. Any balance remaining from the sale shall be deposited with the Clerk of Superior Court of the county where the property is located and shall be disbursed by the court to the person found to be entitled thereto by final order or decree of the court.
   (C)   The amounts incurred by the town in connection with the removal or demolition shall also be a lien against any other real property owned by the owner of the building or structure and located within the town limits or within one mile of the town limits, except for the owner’s primary residence. The provisions of division (B) of this section apply to this additional lien, except that this additional lien is inferior to all prior liens and shall be collected as a money judgement. 
   (D)   Nothing in this section shall be construed to impair or limit the power of the town to define and declare nuisances and to cause their removal or abatement by summary proceedings or otherwise.
(G.S. § 160A-432)