(A)   If the owner of a building or structure that has been condemned as unsafe pursuant to § 150.041(A) shall fail to take prompt corrective action, the Inspector shall give him written notice, by certified or registered mail to his last known address or by personal service:
      (1)   That the building or structure is in a condition that appears to; meet one of the following:
         (a)   Constitutes a fore or safety hazard.
         (b)   Is dangerous to life, health, or other property.
         (c)   Is likely to cause or contribute to blight, disease, vagrancy, or danger to children.
         (d)   Has a tendency to attract persons intent on criminal activities or other activities which would constitute a public nuisance.
      (2)   That a hearing will be held before the Inspector at a designated place and time, not later than ten days after the date of the notice, at which time the owner shall be entitled to be heard in person or by counsel and to present arguments and evidence pertaining to the matter; and
      (3)   That following the hearing, the Inspector may issue such order to repair, close, vacate, or demolish the building or structure as appears appropriate.
   (B)   If the name or whereabouts of the owner cannot after due diligence be discovered, the notice shall be considered properly and adequately served if a copy thereof is posted on the outside of the building or structure in question at least ten days prior to the hearing and a notice of the hearing is published in a newspaper having general circulation in the town at least once not later than one week prior to the hearing.
(G.S. § 160A-428)
   (C)   If, upon a hearing held pursuant to the notice prescribed in divisions (A) and (B) above, the Inspector shall find that the building or structure is in a condition that constitutes a fire or safety hazard or renders it dangerous to life, health, or other property, he shall make an order in writing, directed to the owner of such building or structure, requiring the owner to remedy the defective conditions by repairing, closing, vacating, or demolishing the building or structure or taking other necessary steps, within a period, not less than 60 days, that the Inspector may prescribe. However, where the Inspector finds that there is imminent danger to life or other property, he may order that corrective action be taken in such lesser period as may be feasible.
(G.S. § 160A-429)
Penalty, see § 150.999