§ 113.28 APPEALS.
   (A)   If the Town Council shall refuse to grant, renew, or revoke a license to operate a taxicab or taxicab business, the applicant or franchisee, as the case may be, shall have ten days from the date of such action by the Town Council to appeal in the manner hereinafter provided, and, by certiorari to the judge presiding over the superior court in the county, have the action of the Town Council reviewed.
   (B)   Notice of any such appeal, unless given to the Town Council at the meeting of the Council at which the action complained of was taken, shall be in writing and served upon the Town Council within ten days from and after the date of the decision announced by the Town Council. Unless such appeal is perfected within such period and in the manner herein provided for, the appeal shall be conclusively presumed to have been withdrawn and abandoned, and the action and decision of the Town Council shall stand as final. In the event such appeal is taken and perfected as herein provided, the rules of procedure governing appeals from the governing body of a municipality by certiorari to the judge of the superior court shall control.
(Ord. passed 6-20-94)